For Members Wondering What's Going On With This Site ???....

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For Members Wondering What's Going On With This Site ???....

Post  i-dig on Sat Aug 31, 2013 2:58 pm

Rob Thomson who administers this site is in Hospital; he has been ill for a number of years now, and found himself taken into hospital around end of July or early August ? can't remember exactly; anyhow he seem to improve at first, but then became more ill, and was recently sent to Southampton Hospital for an operation.

I understand he is now recovering; but it will be quite some time before he can return to clear-out the dross, that's starting to invade the site... normally he would do this on a regular bases; so please keep this in mind, until he returns to the island and is well enough to look into administrating the site again.

Regards, Brian Lucas.

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